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posted on 2022-12-14, 12:48 authored by Woruldhord Project Team

AN00789233_001_l. Whale-bone rectangular panel from a writing-tablet recessed at the back and with two holes for thongs: one corner is broken away. On the front is a quadripartite knot design incised in low relief within a square frame and set with a quincunx of secondary copper-alloy rivets, with a sixth at one of the corners of the frame. In the recess at the back which originally contained wax are traces of extremely lightly incised runic lettering, arranged in three lines along the long axis. All these images are © Trustees of the British Museum. These free low-resolution images are covered also under the British Museum's Terms and Conditions ( The full image collection is available at: where you can also order high resolution copies.



8th century

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