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Maquette of the sculpture The Vision of Eof by sculptor John McKenna ARBS

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posted on 2022-12-14, 12:43 authored by Woruldhord Project Team

This very small maquette sculpture idea was submitted by John McKenna ARBS, for a public art competition. The competition was held by the Cotswold and Vale Magazine of Evesham around the 2000 millennium, to select by public vote a sculpture using the theme of the legend of Eof. Six sculptors were shortlisted and asked to submit a maquette sculpture idea. All the proposals were anonymously displayed where they could be voted for by the public. So the most popular design was chosen without the 'inteference' of a named artist. Another larger maquette was made by the sculptor at a quarter scale to resolve all sculptural issues. (Both maquettes have been made into small limited edition bronze castings.) The sculpture was then created in clay, before moulding at the A4A studio foundry, in Ayrshire. From the mould a full size wax version is made for investing, ready to cast in bronze. The bronze statue was unveiled in 2008 on site on the edge of the town market square in Evesham. The legend of the founding of Evesham is that while searching for his pigs on the banks of the River Avon, Eof, a swineherd, received a vision of the Virgin Mary. Eof related this vision to Ecgwine (Saint Egwin), Bishop of Worcester. Ecgwine founded the great Evesham Abbey in about 701 AD on the site of the vision. The town's early name 'Eofeshamme' reflects this legend.


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circa 2000

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John McKenna ARBS


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