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Covers Map: Brazilian Portuguese

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posted on 2023-02-22, 12:47 authored by Matthew ReynoldsMatthew Reynolds

The Covers Maps present a selection of book covers linked to their place of publication. The accuracy of that ‘place’ varies. When we have been able to find a street address for the publisher, we have used that as the book’s location on the map and also listed it beneath the cover image (though it may sometimes be the case that the address was different at the time of publication). When we have not been able to find a street address we have supplied a random location within the town or city concerned: in these cases no address is listed beneath the cover image.

The aim of the Covers Maps is to focus attention on the covers while also making visible two conditions of their existence: that they are connected to particular publishing contexts, and that they succeed one another through time. Often, the covers presented in the Covers Maps represent only one or a few of several editions through which a given translation has passed. Fuller information about first and other editions can be found in the World Map and the General Map.

The Covers Maps were created by Giovanni Pietro Vitali and Simone Landucci. The Brazilian Portuguese Covers map presents research by Ana Teresa Marques dos Santos.

For details of the translations quoted, and discussion, see Matthew Reynolds et al., Prismatic Jane Eyre: Close-Reading a World Novel Across Languages (Cambridge: Open Book, 2023). 


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The book covers used for this project are taken from editions of the novel printed around the globe. We believe that our representation of these book covers falls under the provision for fair use for the purposes of scholarship and education: if you are a copyright holder and would like to discuss this please contact us:

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