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CCCC MS 419 - Sermo Lupi

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The first four pages of Wulfstan's Sermo Lupi ad Anglos, CCCC MS 419, pp. 95-8. This manuscript contains fifteen Old English Homilies by Wulfstan and others. Described by Ker (1957) pp. 115-6, and dated to the first half of the eleventh century. Sermo Lupi survives in five manuscripts; CCCC MS 419 is designated MS B in Napier's Wulfstan (1883). The homily opens with the rubric 'Lar Spell' and begins 'Leofan men. Gecna?að þat soð is'... The opening L, like many of the initials, is in red with a ball and crescent decoration. Sermo Lupi was composed c.1010-1016 and is the most famous of Wulfstan's homilies. All these images are © Parker Library. The full image collection is available on the Parker Library website, along with a detailed manuscript description:



Early 11th century

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