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Anglo-Saxon Discovery Artefacts Part II

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Objects from the Ashmolean 'Anglo-Saxon Discovery' exhibition, 2005: Cosmetic brush - Cassington, Toilet set - Cassington, Pottery spindlewhorl, Tweezers - Brighthampton, Knife - G5, Firesteel - Brighthampton, Pennanular brooch, Small long brooch, A and B disc brooches, Strap end G16, I and II small long brooches, Pennanular brooch, Knife G25, Bracelet G25, Knife G31, Spearhead G31, Bucket - Brighthampton, Bucket inside, Bucket mount, Bucket, side view, Belt plate, Amber bead, Sword band, Sword - Brighthampton, Sword - larger image, Sword chape, Sword fitting, Sword fitting 2, Sword pommel, Sword pommel 2, Saucer brooch, Large square-headed brooch, Brooch body, Brooch foot, Brooch head, Brooch reverse, Squarehead brooch, Knife G51, Amber bead G51, Amber bead G51, Strap-ends, Buckle plate, Loom Weight 1, Loom Weight 2, Loom Weight 3, Loom Weight 4, Loom Weight 5, Loom Weight 6, Sherd, Glass fragment, Nail, Horn core, Thread picker, Counter, Animal bones, Iron hook, Sword - Eynsham, Pin from child's grave, Ring from child's grave, Glass beads from child's grave, Monkton Brooch, Axe, Axe - side view, Cuddeston bowl - bottom view, Cuddeston bowl, Cuddeston bowl - side view, Sword A, Sword B, Sword C, Sword - larger image, Bone spindle whorl, Applied brooch, Balance - unprovenanced, Scalepan - unprovenanced, Janus heads, Pot - Abingdon, Pot - inside view, Alfred coin, Alfred coin - back, Alfred coin - head, Harold coin, Harold coin- head, Harold coin - back, Holderness Cross, 5 coins, shield grip, Loan 54, iron tweezers, Shears, Viking sword, Viking sword - blade, Viking sword - guards, Viking sword - hilt, Viking sword - pommel, Viking sword - inlay, Viking sword - larger image.


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